Using the Code Snippets Manager

You can use the Code Snippets Manager to add your code snippet to the code snippet folder list. To view the Code Snippets Manager, you can select it from the Tools menu. You select the language category for your code snippet in the Language drop-down, and navigate to the folder where you want to store your snippet. To add a code snippet to an existing folder, click Import, and then select your code snippet. To add a folder to the folder list, click Add and navigate to the folder you want to add. When you select a code snippet in the Code Snippets Manager, the description window displays information about the snippet, including a description, shortcut, snippet type, and author, as shown in Figure A.3.

Code Snippets Manager

Language; I Visual Basic

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VB\5nippets\1033\connectMty B Ö File system - Processing Drives, Foldersj*- I S--C3 Math

Hu My Code Snippets 0-ß Office Development E Ô Excel ÉD Office □ Ö Word

1=] Bind Data to a Bookmark

1 ü) Import XML into an XMLNodi

FFI- fa Environment - Document Variab iL




I Search Online,.. 1


| Cancel

Figure A.3. IntelliSense Code Snippets Manager, Office Development folder

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