Table of Contents

The Contents page provides a table of contents (TOC) in a hierarchical view that links to the topics in the Help system. Using the TOC gives you a good overview of the content that is available in the VSTO Help

Figure 2.41. Help available in a Word project

collection. To find Help on VSTO through the TOC, you expand the following nodes: Development Tools and Languages | Visual Studio | Visual Studio Tools for Office.

The contents are organized into actionable categories, such as Getting Started, Upgrading Office Solutions, Creating Office Solutions in Visual Studio, Building and Debugging Office Projects, and Deploying Office Solutions (see Figure 2.42). You can filter the TOC to narrow the scope of topics that appear in the TOC. The filter also affects the items that appear in the Index window. When creating VSTO solutions, you should select the Office Development filter.

The Reference node contains the application programming interface (API) documentation for VSTO. You can also find documentation on the Office primary interop assemblies for Word and Excel, as well as Microsoft Office Core PIA documentation.

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