We started this chapter with an overview of the host items and host controls available in Word, and we looked at Visual Studio tools that you can use to learn more about the Word object model. You saw an exam ple of using the macro recorder to generate VBA code on a Word document that is outside Visual Studio, and you learned how to convert the code to Visual Basic 2005 for use in a VSTO solution.

We then took a closer look at how to add host controls to a document host item, both at design time and at run time. Next, you learned about the data binding capabilities of Word host controls, and you saw how you can use the Data Sources window to add data-bound Bookmark controls to a document. We then looked at all the events that are available for each host control and examined some code examples. We also looked at some of the special features that VSTO adds to the Bookmark host control, and we ended with pointers to the chapters that discuss the creation of smart tags and actions pane solutions.

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