The Search page provides a way to perform a full-text search for information that is in the local Help, online on Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), and within the Codezone community. You can specify whether you want to load the Help content from the local Help, online content, or both. To get the most up-to-date content, you should select Try Online First, Then Local, as shown in Figure 2.43. With this option set, Visual Studio will return the latest online content when you perform a search. You can also scope the search by selecting the Web sites to search for content in the Codezone Community list box of the Options dialog box.

Figure 2.43. The online Help options

You can perform full-text searches for information by using the Search page. You can use logical operators—such as AND, OR, and NOT—but wildcard characters (*) are not supported. If you want to reduce the number of search results returned, you can search for an exact phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks. You can also filter your search based on language, technology, and content type.

To help you locate information, the Search page provides a drop-down where you can sort the results. You can select Rank, Source, Title, Locale, or only the Help resources that contain code samples.

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