Running VSTO Solutions

For a VSTO solution to run, the assemblies must have full trust permissions. On the development machine, full trust is automatically granted to your solution's assembly and any referenced assemblies whenever you build the project. The evidence used for this trust is based on location (the URL of the assembly). When you deploy your solution, you need to grant full trust to the document and the assembly by using a strong name or by digitally signing the assembly. This procedure is discussed in greater detail in Chapter 11.

As a developer, you can run your customization by pressing F5 or by clicking Start Debugging from the Debug menu in Visual Studio. You can also open the document or workbook that is stored in the /debug/ bin directory of the location in which you saved your solution, or press Ctrl+F5 to run the solution without debugging it.

An end user can run a solution in one of two ways.

1. To run a document-level customization, the user opens the document or workbook that has an associated customization assembly. Alternatively, the user can create a new document or workbook that is based on a template that has an associated customization assembly.

2. To run an application-level customization (add-in), users have two options. They can open the application, which contains instructions to load an add-in when the application starts. Or they can manually enable the add-in in the COM Add-ins dialog box of the application.

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