Outlook Addin Setup Project

A Setup project is created for you whenever you create a new Outlook add-in solution with VSTO. This Setup project creates a Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) file that helps you set up requirements when you deploy your Outlook solution. Not all of the prerequisites required to run a VSTO solution are verified. The .msi does, however, verify that the .NET Framework 2.0 is installed and creates the required registry entries.

The main purpose of the .msi is to copy the files, the assemblies, and the manifest to the location where the add-in is deployed. You must take additional steps to verify that the computer in which the add-in is deployed has Microsoft Office 2003 installed. You must also ensure that security policy is set up correctly and verify that the VSTO runtime or Office PIAs are installed on the computer. In Chapter 11 you'll learn more about deploying an Outlook solution.

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