Migration Overview

VBA has been around for a long time, and many people have existing VBA projects. Still, using VSTO and managed code offers advantages for creating customizations for Word, Excel, and Outlook:

• Code that is managed by the .NET Framework and includes automatic garbage collection

• Access to thousands of classes in the .NET Framework class library

• Use of an object-oriented programming language

• Improved security model

• More manageable update and rollback model

• Better development, environment, and debugging tools

• Enhanced object models that enable data binding and expose events on native Office objects

• Data caching and offline capabilities

• Ability to create document-specific Word and Excel smart tags

• Simplified coding for creating customized Word and Excel task panes

• Stable loading of managed add-ins

You have seen the power that VSTO and the .NET Framework bring to Office development. If you've decided to make the move to Visual Basic 2005 and VSTO, you should consider the discussion in this chapter before migrating your existing code.

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