Microsoft Pss Vsto Client Troubleshooter

It can be difficult to verify that you have configured the client machine correctly with all the requirements. Some of this difficulty can be attributed to the different ways Office can be installed. You cannot always assume that Office has been installed to allow .NET programmability. However, you can use a tool created by the VSTO product support team that will analyze a client machine to determine whether the correct software is installed to run a deployed VSTO solution. This Microsoft PSS VSTO 2005 Client Troubleshooter can be located in the Download Center on

Figure 11.7 demonstrates the results you might receive when using this tool. It reports a lot of detailed information about what is installed on the client machine. If everything is installed correctly, you need look only at the top section. If you see all green (check mark) symbols across the top section, it indicates that the client machine has all the required software installed and there is no need to drill into the details. However, if there is a yellow ("!") symbol in the top section, the tool provides detailed information to pinpoint and correct the problem. The details are divided into three sections. The first section gives details about the operating system and the version of the .NET Framework installed.

The middle section displays the Office products and PIAs installed, as shown in Figure 11.8. The PIAs are those that are installed as part of the Office installation. You can learn more about the Office PIAs in Chapter 3.

As Figure 11.9 shows, the bottom section, Miscellaneous, contains information about the VSTO runtime components and the PIAs installed via the redistributable MSI.

-p Microsoft PSS VSTO 2005 Client Troubleshooter

Analyze System Save Results to File About

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System (VSTO) Client Pre-Requisites Analysis mam 8:21 :J2 PM

VSTO 2005 Client System Analysis Summary

Microsoft Office Product

Solution with no dependencies

Solution with Smart Tag dependency

Solution with

Graph dependency

Solution with

Forms 2.0 dependency

Microsott Excel 2003


Microsott Word 2003



Microsott Outlook 2003




Microsott InfoPath 2003





<9 Meets requirements ^ Fails to meet requirements

Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP

Service Pack Level

Service Pack 2

Install Language

English (U.S.)

Current User Interface Language

English (U.S.)

Current User Locale

English (U.S.)

Default System Code Page


Computer Name


.NET Framework Installed

1.1.4322 2.0.50727

Figure 11.7. PSS Client Troubleshooter

Microsoft Office 2003 Analysis

Microsoft Office 2003 Products Installed

Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 : (90A10409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 : (90110409-6000-11D3-8CFE-01500483 83C 9}

Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 : (903B0409-EOOO-11D3-8CFE-01500483 S3C9}

Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 : (9017040MOOO-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}

Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 : (9O5104OMOOO-11D3-BCFE-0150048383C91


Vllcrosoft Office 2003 Service Pack Level



Office Install Language

English (U.S.)

Current Office Language

Microsoft Office 2003 Program Installation

Microsoft Excel 2003

110 80120



Microsoft InfoPath 2003 Microsoft Outlook 2003 Microsoft Word 2003

11.0.8012.0 11.0.8010.0 11.0.8026.0

Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs)

Excel PIA InfoPath PIA Word PIA Outlook PIA SmartTag RA Forms PIA ^■iiPIA 1

11.0.5530.0 11.0.6550.0 11.0.5530.0 11.0.5530.0 11.0.5530.0 11.0.5530.0 11.0.5530.0


Figure 11.8. Analysis of installed Office products


0TKL0ADR.DLL Version


7.10.5077.0 ¡3

VSTO 2005 Runtime Components


8.0.50727.42 <3



8.0.50727.42 J

CLR Lookback Status


DisableDocumentAssemblies Policy Status



Office 2003 PIA Redistributable

Not Installed

Office Application Configuration Files

C:\Program FllesWIicrosoft 0ffice\0FFICE1 IMtontpg.exe.conflg

~of more information regarding VSTO 3D05c httr>://'stp/

Figure 11.9. Miscellaneous prerequisites

~of more information regarding VSTO 3D05c httr>://'stp/

Figure 11.9. Miscellaneous prerequisites

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