Membership Condition

The Membership Condition tab is where you define the evidence for the code group. As shown in Figure 11.4, the type of evidence in our example is URL, which is the path to the assembly, including the assembly

Figure 11.2. Code groups
Figure 11.3. General tab of the code group Properties page

name. You can use an asterisk (*) to give permission to all files and folders under the path specified. The VSTO project system tries to be as secure as possible when it creates entries during the build process, so it grants explicit permission only to the one assembly in your solution.

The membership condition specifies the condition that an assembly

The URL membership condition is true for all assemblies that originate from the URL specified below. Assemblies that meet this membership condition will be granted the permissions associated with this code

The URL must include the protocol such as 'ftp://' or 'http://'. An asterisk f l can be used as a wildcard character at the end of the URL.

Figure 11.4. Membership Condition tab of the code group Properties page

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