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Visual Studio makes it easy for you to explore all the members of an object without having to search through the Object Browser. You can access this information directly in the Code Editor as you type your code. When you type the name of a type or namespace followed by a period (.), Visual Studio displays a list of all the members available for the type or namespace. This feature, also available in the VBE, is known as List Properties/Methods.

In Visual Studio, you can insert an item from the list into your code file by double-clicking the member and pressing TAB or ENTER. A tool tip, known as Quick Info, also appears and displays the declaration of the member. Figure 2.22 shows the members of an ActionsPane displayed in a list, as well as Quick Info for the currently selected item in the list.


^ Clear Container Contains ContextMenu ContextMenuStrip


mi Controls

Public Readonly Property ControlsQ As System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlCollection Provides the same functionality as the System.Windows.Forms.Control.Controls property.

Crei^Control CreateGraphics If® Cursor If* DataBindings

Common | All

Figure 2.22. Quick Info for a list member

Figure 2.22. Quick Info for a list member

Notice the two tabs at the bottom of the list. The Common tab displays the most commonly used members, and the All tab provides a complete list of available methods, properties, and events.

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