Introduction to the Visual Studio IDE

The Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) consists of tools to help you create and edit code when developing VSTO and VSTO 2005 SE customizations. If you've ever written any VBA code or even recorded a macro and then tweaked it to perform a specific task, then you are already familiar with the VBA development environment, known as the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).

You might also have experience using the typical editing and debugging tools, such as setting breakpoints or using IntelliSense. For example,

IntelliSense in VBA makes it easier to write code by displaying a listing of constants, methods, and properties whenever you type a period (.) after typing an object name.

Visual Studio 2005 offers a much richer set of code editing and debugging tools. These tools help you write code quickly, help ensure that there are no compile-time errors, and help you locate and fix run-time errors that might exist in your code.

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