Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming is a type of programming that relates coding constructs to objects. The objects that are created in code can have similar characteristics to objects in the real world. You define properties for an object to define its characteristics. For example, light bulbs might have a color property. The value of this property might differ for each individual light bulb; some might be white, and others yellow.

You define methods for an object to describe the actions it can take. Using our light bulb example, the methods might be TurnOn, Adjust-Brightness, and TurnOff. You can define event handlers for an object so that certain actions are performed when a particular event on the object occurs. For example, if a BeforeTurnOff event is raised, it would enable you to first decrease the brightness of the light bulb before turning it off. You also define the type of data the object can contain and any logic that is required to manipulate the data.

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