Environment Settings

When you Install VSTO, you are asked to specify a setting to apply to the Visual Studio 2005 IDE. These settings customize the IDE and include general development settings, Visual Basic settings, and Visual C# settings. The Visual Studio user interface can differ depending on the settings you choose.

In this book, the screen shots reflect the Visual Basic settings. If you have chosen a different setting, your IDE may look different. You can customize your environment settings by clicking Import and Export Settings on the Tools menu. You can export your current settings, import settings from a file, or reset all settings to the default collection of settings.

If you want to change your settings to the Visual Basic profile, first click Reset All Settings and then click Next on the Import and Export Settings Wizard, as shown in Figure 2.1.

Here you can save your current settings or overwrite the existing settings. Make your choice, and then click Next. In the next page of the wizard, select Visual Basic Development Settings, and then click Finish, as shown in Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.1. Import and Export Settings Wizard
Figure 2.2. Selecting Visual Basic development settings
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