Document Events

Following are the events that are available for a Document object in VSTO. Some of these events are available on the document in VBA and are exposed in the primary interop assembly (PIA), others were added from the Application object, and still others are specific to VSTO. Notice that some of the event names have been changed. For example, the Close event is renamed CloseEvent, because there is both a Close method and a Close event on the Document object. To avoid collisions, VSTO has changed the names of the events where needed.

• ActivateEvent

• BeforeClose

• BeforeDoubleClick

• BeforePrint

• BeforeRightClick

• BeforeSave

• BindingContextChanged

• CloseEvent

• Deactivate

• MailMergeAfterMerge

• MailMergeBeforeMerge

• MailMergeBeforeRecordMerge

• MailMergeDataSourceLoad

• MailMergeWizardSendToCustom

• MailMergeWizardStateChange

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