Deployment Tasks

Deploying VSTO solutions consists of a few tasks, and the final result of a successful deployment is to have all these tasks completed. Some of these tasks may be optional, depending on your scenario. There are many ways to accomplish these tasks, depending on how you deploy the solution. Some tasks are automatic—for example, when you use the Publish Wizard—and others must be done manually.

Following is a high-level overview of the steps required to deploy your solution. Later in the chapter, we describe the manual steps in a deployment walkthrough.

1. Ensure that the client meets all the VSTO client requirements. The PSS Troubleshooter tool can make it easy for you to verify that you have this client set up correctly.

2. Copy the solution files to deploy them to the end user machine or server location. This also includes deploying the application and deployment manifest files.

3. Update the application manifest embedded in the document to point to the deployed deployment manifest. At a minimum, you must point to the correct assembly location.

4. Grant full trust to the VSTO solution, including the document if it is located on a server.

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