Customizing the Ribbon

The 2007 Microsoft Office system provides a new UI feature called the Ribbon. The Ribbon replaces the traditional menu and toolbars, making it easier for end users to find the functionality they need because related features are grouped. The idea is that these applications had a lot of functionality that users didn't know existed because it was buried deep in a submenu of a menu. After time spent learning to find familiar functionality, users will be able to more easily find useful functionality that has been present in earlier versions but was not easily discoverable.

Applications available in VSTO 2005 SE that support the Ribbon include Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Note that although Outlook supports the Ribbon on its Inspectors (the smaller windows that pop up when you create new mail, add a task, send a meeting request, etc.), it does not support Ribbons on the main Outlook window (the Explorer). This window uses Office 2003-style menus and toolbars.

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