I would like to thank my husband, Mark Shelton, for his support throughout this endeavor, for reviewing many of the chapters, and for his extreme patience during the time I spent focused on this project. Also a huge thanks goes to my coauthor, Paul Stubbs. Paul's technical expertise, commitment to completing this project, and sense of humor have been greatly appreciated.

—Kathleen McGrath

I would like to thank my family for supporting me through the long hours of writing and rewriting, and especially my wife for taking care of everything, enabling me to focus on writing the best book possible. I would also like to thank Kathleen for inviting me write a few chapters for the book. Kathleen has been great to work with and her passion for VSTO is what has made this book possible.

—Paul Stubbs

We would also like to thank our editor, Joan Murray, for giving us the opportunity to write this book and for walking us through the process. A special thanks to our series editor, Mike Hernandez, for allowing this book to be the first product-specific book in his Mere Mortals series.

Next we'd like to thank our technical editors and the production and marketing teams at Addison-Wesley, especially Kim Boedigheimer, John Fuller, Lara Wysong, Curt Johnson, and Eric Garulay. And a thank you and acknowledgment to all of the technical reviewers who provided us with valuable feedback, including Eric Carter, Mei Liang, Justin Whitney, Peter Jausovec, Rory Plaire, Joe Kunk, McLean Schofield, Thomas Quinn, and Frank Rice. Kudos to everyone on the VSTO product team for creating such a great product!

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