This section consists of only a single very long chapter, Chapter 7, The Language Reference, which contains an alphabetic reference to VBA language elements. It doesn't document the properties, methods, and events of Visual Basic forms and controls or of VBA UserForms.

The chapter does document the following:

• Statements, like Dim or For Each.

• Functions, like Format or InStr.

• The object models, like the File System object model or the Data Binding object model, that have been introduced with VB6. Here you'll find complete documentation of all of the objects, along with their properties and methods.

When you're looking for a particular language element but don't quite remember what it's called, an alphabetic reference is of little value. For this reason, I've included Appendix A, Language Elements by Category.

Finally, except for Like, VBA operators aren't included in this section. Instead, you'll find them discussed in Appendix C, Operators.

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