How This Book Should Be Used

Well, to get here you've obviously passed the first hurdle, which is turning the pages; now all you need to do is read the words!

If You're a Developer New to VB

If you are new to the VBA language, then this book assumes that VBA is your second or subsequent language. The first half of the book leads you through the important areas of programming VB and VBA style, which, while very different from most other languages, are straightforward and easily mastered. I suggest therefore that you read these chapters in order while referring to Chapter 7 when necessary.

If You're a VB or VBA Developer

As an experienced developer, you can dip into the book to get the lowdown on a language element that interests you. Appendix A details all the functions, statements, and object models by category to help you find the relevant section in Chapter 7 more easily.

If You're a VB or VBA Developer New to VB6

Appendix D is a good place to start; it lists the new and amended language features and language-related object models in VB6. Work your way through this list, referring to the relevant sections in Chapter 7. While VB6 isn't the major leap forward that VB4 and VB5 were, you'll find some powerful additions that enhance both the speed at which you can develop an application and the quality of your applications. Note that because this book is specifically about the language, new VB6 nonlanguage features such as dynamic control addition aren't included.

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