Enumerated Constants

Constants, as you know, are useful for improving the readability and maintainability of code by making it self-documenting. However, you can't define a public constant (using the Public Const statement) within a class module. How do you make some constants available both to yourself and possibly to other users of your class? The answer lies in the use of enumerated constants.

Enumerated constants allow you to create a set of constants that become intrinsic to your application or class, very much like the intrinsic constants, such as vbCrLf

62 Chapter 4 - Class Modules and vbRightButton, within VB itself. By using enumerated constants within your class, you can associate a constant name and its value with the class, in the process providing the user of the class with a set of meaningful constants that are instantly available from the IntelliSense drop-down list for statement completion.

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