End Statement


End Enum End Function End If

End Property End Select End Sub End Type End With


Ends a procedure or a block of code.

Rules at a Glance

The End statement is used as follows:




Terminates program execution.

End Enum

Marks the end of an enumerated type.

End Function

Marks the end of a Function procedure.



End If

Marks the end of an If...Then...Else statement.

End Property

Marks the end of a Property Let, Property Get, or Property Set procedure.

End Select

Marks the end of a Select Case statement.

End Sub

Marks the end of a Sub procedure.

End Type

Marks the end of a user-defined type definition.

End With

Marks the end of a With statement.

Programming Tips & Gotchas

Although supported, the End statement used by itself to terminate the program shouldn't be used within a VBA application. Instead you should terminate execution of a procedure prematurely using the Exit... statement.

See Also

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