Drives Collection Object VB Description

All drives connected to the current machine are included in the Drives collection, even those that aren't currently ready (like removable media drives with no media inserted in them). The Drives collection object is zero-based and is read-only.

See the File System object model entry for an overview, including the library reference needed to access it.


Returned by

FileSystemObject.Drives property



Data Type: Long

Returns the number of Drive objects in the collection.

244 Chapter 7- The Language Reference


Syntax: oDrives.Item(key) Data Type: Drive object

Returns a Drive object whose key is key, the drive letter. This is an unusual collection, since the drive's index value (its ordinal position in the collection) can't be used; attempting to do so generates runtime error 5, "Invalid procedure call or argument." Since attempting to retrieve a Drive object for a drive that doesn't exists generates runtime error 68, it's a good idea to call the File-SystemObject object's DriveExists method beforehand.


Dim ofsFileSys As FileSystemObject Dim ofsDrives As Drives Dim ofsDrive As Drive

Set ofsFileSys = New FileSystemObject Set ofsDrives = ofsFileSys.Drives

Set ofsDrive = ofsDrives.Item("C")

MsgBox ofsDrive.DriveType Set ofsDrive = Nothing Set ofsDrives = Nothing Set ofsFileSys = Nothing

See Also

Drive Object, FileSystemObject.Drives Property

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