Dictionary Items Method VB

Named Arguments

Syntax dictionaryobject.Items dictionaryobject Use: Required

Data Type: Dictionary object A reference to a Dictionary object.

Return Value A Variant array. Description

Returns an array containing all the items in the specified Dictionary object. Rules at a Glance

The returned array is always a zero-based variant array whose data subtype matches that of the items in the Dictionary object.

Programming Tips & Gotchas

• The only way to directly access members of the Dictionary is via their key values. However, using the Items method, you can "dump" the data from the Dictionary into a zero-based variant array. The data items can then be accessed like an array in the normal way, as the following code shows:

Dim vArray As Variant vArray = DictObj.Items

Debug.Print vArray(i) Next I

• The Items method retrieves only the items stored in a Dictionary object; you can retrieve all the Dictionary object's keys by calling its Keys method.

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