Dictionary Item Property VB

Named Arguments


The syntax for setting an item is:


dictionaryobject.Item(key) = item

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The syntax for returning an item is:

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value = dictionaryobject.Item(key)



Use: Required

Data Type: Dictionary object

A reference to a Dictionary object.

Dictionary.Item Property (VB6)


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Use: Required Data Type: String

A unique string key for this Dictionary object.


Use: Optional

Data Type: Any The data associated with key. Property Data Type Any.


Sets or returns the data item to be linked to a specified key in a Dictionary object. Rules at a Glance

• The data type is that of the item being returned.

• If you try to set item to a nonexistent key, the key is added to the dictionary, and the item is linked to it, a sort of "implicit add."

Programming Tips & Gotchas

• Unlike the Collection object, the Dictionary object doesn't allow you to retrieve an item by its ordinal position.

• If you provide a nonexistent key when trying to retrieve an item, the dictionary exhibits rather strange behavior: it adds key to the Dictionary object along with a blank item. You should therefore use the Exists method prior to setting or returning an item, as the example shows.

• A major gripe of all programmers who use the Collection object is the difficulty involved in overwriting an existing Collection member—not so with the Dictionary object. Simply assign the value as you would with other properties.


Dim sKey As String Dim sName As String sKey = "Name"

If oDictionary.Exists(sKey) Then sName = oDictionary.Item(sKey)


MsgBox "The Key " & sKey & " does not exist" End If

This next example shows how to set or overwrite an item:

Dim sKey As String Dim sName As String sName = "Dick Shennary" sKey = "Name"

If oDictionary.Exists(sKey) Then

228 Chapter 7 - The Language Reference oDictionary.Item(sKey) = sName


MsgBox "The Key " & sKey & " does not exist" End If

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