Dictionary Exists Method VB

Named Arguments

Syntax dictionaryobject .Exists( key) dictionaryobject Use: Required

226 Chapter 7- The Language Reference

Data Type: Dictionary object A reference to a Dictionary object.

Use: Required

Data Type: String

The key value being sought.

Return Value



Determines if a given key is present in a Dictionary object. Rules at a Glance

Returns True if the specified key exists in the Dictionary object; False if not. Programming Tips & Gotchas

If you attempt to return the Item of a nonexistent key, or assign a new key to a nonexistent key, the nonexistent key is added to the dictionary, along with a blank item. To prevent this, you should use the Exists property to ensure that the Key is present in the dictionary before proceeding.


If oDict.Exists(strOldKey) Then oDict.Key(strOldKey) = strNewKey End If

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