DDB Function


DDB(cost, salvage, life, period[, factor]) cost

Use: Required

Data Type: Double

The initial cost of the asset.


Use: Required

Data Type: Double

The value of the asset at the end of life.


Use: Required

Data Type: Double

Length of life of the asset.


Use: Required

Data Type: Double

Period for which the depreciation is to be calculated.


Use: Optional

Data Type: Variant

The rate at which the asset balance declines. If omitted, 2 (double-declining method) is assumed. However, the documentation doesn't mention what other values are supported or what they mean.

DDB Function 209

Return Value

Double representing the depreciation of an asset. Description

Returns a Double representing the depreciation of an asset for a specific time period using the double-declining balance method or another method you specify using the factor argument. The double-declining balance calculates depreciation at an differential rate that varies inversely with the age of the asset. Depreciation is highest at the beginning of the life of an asset and declines over time.

Rules at a Glance

• life and period must be specified in the same time units. In other words, both must be expressed in units of months, or both must be years.

• All arguments must be positive numbers.


Dim dblInitialCost As Double Dim dblSalvageValue As Double Dim dblUsefulLife As Double Dim dblPeriod As Double Dim dblThisPeriodDepr As Double Dim dblTotDepreciation As Double dblInitialCost = 2000 dblSalvageValue = 50 dblUsefulLife = 12 dblTotDepreciation = 0

For dblPeriod = 1 To 12

dblThisPeriodDepr = DDB(dblInitialCost, _

dblSalvageValue, dblUsefulLife, dblPeriod) dblTotDepreciation = dblTotDepreciation + _

dblThisPeriodDepr Debug.Print "Month " & dblPeriod & ": " & _ dblThisPeriodDepr

Next dblPeriod

Debug.Print "TOTAL: " & dblTotDepreciation

Programming Tips & Gotchas

• The double-declining balance depreciation method calculates depreciation at a higher rate in the initial period and decreases in subsequent periods.

• The DDB function uses the following formula to calculate depreciation for a given period:

Depreciation / period = ((cost - salvage) * factor) / life

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