Data SourceBehavior Property VB only


This property is one of the new VB6 class properties, although it isn't available when the class is part of an ActiveX EXE project. It defines the ability of the class to serve as a data source for other objects. This property is available only at design time.

Values vbNone

The class doesn't expose a bindable data interface and therefore can't act as a data source.


The class can act as a data source for other objects.


The class can act as an OLE DB Simple Provider.

Programming Tips & Gotchas

• When the property is set to vbDataSource or vbOLEDBProvider, the Get-DataMember event procedure is automatically added to the class module.

• The property may be set to vbOLEDBProvider only if the class is public.

• If the property is set to vbOLEDBProvider, the OnDataConnection event procedure is added automatically to the class module.

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