Command Function

Named Arguments




Returns the arguments used when launching VB or an application created with VB.

Rules at a Glance

• For applications created with VB and compiled into an EXE, Command returns a string containing everything entered after the name of the executable file.

Command Function 173

• This function isn't implemented in hosted versions of VBA. Regardless of any command line that may be passed to the host application, Command returns a null string.


The following example demonstrates how to parse command-line arguments to set up a series of options in your executable. This example (which is bereft of all error handling) looks for a hyphen or a forward slash in the command line arguments and assumes that the following character is a command line switch. Given the command-line arguments:

-d:50 -f -g -k the program displays the following in the Immediate window:

Got option d

Option d Parameter = 50

Got option f

Got option g

Got option k

The source code is as follows:

Private Sub ParseCommandLine()

Dim i As Integer

Dim s As String

Dim iParam As Integer

If Mid$(Command, i, 1) Like "[-/]" Then s = Mid$(Command, i + 1, 1) Select Case s Case Is = "d"

Debug.Print "Got option d" iParam = Int(Mid$(Command, i + 3, 2)) Debug.Print "Option d Parameter = " & _ CStr(iParam)

Debug.Print "Got option f" Case Is = "g"

Debug.Print "Got option g" Case Is = "k"

Debug.Print "Got option k" Case Is = "l"

Debug.Print "Got option l" End Select End If Next i

End Sub Programming Tips & Gotchas

• During the development phase, you can pass arguments to your program using the Command Line Arguments text box, which can be found by select-

174 Chapter 7- The Language Reference ing Properties from the Project menu and clicking the Make tab of the Project Properties dialog.

• To handle command-line arguments, you have to write a routine similar to that shown above to parse the string returned by Command, since the function returns only a single string containing all input after the name of the executable file.

• Command-line arguments are ideal for specifying various options on unattended applications.

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