Bool Function

Named Arguments No


CBool( expression) expression

Use: Required

Data Type: String or Numeric

Any numeric expression or a string representation of a numeric value. Return Value expression converted to Boolean data type (True or False). Description

Casts expression as a Boolean data type. Expressions that evaluate to 0 are converted to False (0), and expressions that evaluate to nonzero values are converted to True (-1).

Rules at a Glance

If the expression to be converted is a string, the string must be capable of being treated as a number. Therefore, CBool("ONE") results in a type mismatch error, yet CBool("1") converts to True.

Programming Tips & Gotchas

• You can check the validity of the expression prior to using the CBool function by using the IsNumeric function.

• When you convert an expression to a Boolean, an expression that evaluates to 0 is converted to False (0), and any nonzero number is converted to True (-1). Therefore, a Boolean False can be converted back to its original value (i.e., 0), but the original value of the True expression can't be restored unless it was originally -1.

See Also

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