Understanding the Excel Related Objects

Excel relies on some essential objects to provide access to the various data elements. Because of the nature of worksheets, you'll find that each of these objects can actually perform multiple duties. For example, you don't have to access a worksheet through a Workbook object unless you don't know the name of the worksheet. Most objects also include links to objects above and below the current position in the hierarchy so that you can use the object of convenience to access a data element.

You also have to consider the way that objects appear in the document. For example, a chart can appear as a separate item, or it can appear within a worksheet. When the chart appears as a separate item, you see it listed in Project Explorer and you can work with the object directly. Always access charts included within a worksheet by using the Sheet object.

This section focuses on Excel object issues. The demonstrations show how the various objects interact and what you need to consider while you design and build your Excel program. For example, you need to consider where to add charts and graphs while you build them so that they're most convenient in displaying the data.

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