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What Are the Sources of Reserved Words

It is possible to find lists of reserved words by using the online help feature in Access, by searching for reserved words using various online search engines, and by pouring through reference books. Regretfully, any given list is not going to be comprehensive. This is another obvious endorsement for implementing naming conventions.

Finding thirdparty solutions to problems

The problem is to define your search well enough to avoid becoming overwhelmed with hits you can't use. The first two search terms you should use are VBA and the name of your application, such as Word. When a problem is specific to a particular version of a product, include the version as well, such as 2007. When you use a search engine that supports it, such as Google, include the error message as a phrase rather than as individual words. If you have an error number, try including it as well. Most people don't realize it, but most search engines return different results based on the order of the words you provide. Consequently, if you don't see what you need the first time, try the search terms again, but in a different order.

Finding fixes that Microsoft provides

Interestingly enough, you can perform targeted searches with Google that work far better than vendor search engines in many cases. Don't bother with the standard search in this case use the advanced search at en. Now, here's the special search technique to remember. You enter your keywords as normal in the Find Results area. However, you filter those results by adding to the Domain field the Microsoft domain you want to search. For example, if you want to search the Microsoft Office content, type in the Domain field. Likewise, if you want to find technical information, type or in the Domain field. Don't forget to check the blogs in the domain. Lest you think that the blogs aren't helpful, I found over 3,100 blog entries related to VBA while writing this book.

Programmatically Unzipping an Excel Container

There are probably dozens of different methods and utilities that can be used to programmatically zip and unzip a compressed file. The procedures demonstrated here leverage the built-in file compression functionality within Windows XP. If you do not have Windows XP, you can use any one of dozens of compression software packages that provide command line and shell utilities for managing zip files. To find one, simply enter Zip Command Line in your favorite search engine.

Copy and paste code from the

Vba Search Engine

You can use your favorite search engine to find a wealth of code on the Web. For example, to search for code examples for an If Then statement, type If Then in the search engine. You'll probably get all kinds of useless results. To narrow the results to something more useful, add the words Access VBA to your search. For example, typing Access VBA If Then provides a more useful list of links.

Creating a Simple Word XML Document

You might want to create searchable letters. One way to do this is to export the letters as XML and to use a standard search engine. Start by creating a letter template file. The example includes the usual features, such as To and From addresses, the date that the letter was written, a greeting, the letter body, and a closing element. Listing 11-4 shows the XSD file used to describe this document. (You can find the source code for this example on the site at http go vbafd5e.)

Searching newsgroups

Make sure that your question has not already been answered. Check the newsgroup's FAQ (if one exists) and also perform a Google search. (See the Searching newsgroups section in this Appendix.) Excel, ListBox, and UserForm. The Google search engine will probably find dozens of newsgroup postings that deal with these topics. It might take a while to sift through the messages, but there's an excellent chance that you'll find an answer to your question.

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