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184 Project Management Templates

All of the 184 Project Management Templates have been written by experienced consultants, who have drawn upon years of experience across a wide range of organizations. They are also unique as they: Are professionally laid out. Have the charts and tables you need. Come with step-by-step instructions. Contain practical examples. Include hints & tips's. Our set of Project Management Templates will not only provide you with all the templates you need to deliver your project, it will also provide you with guidelines, strategies, processes, and programme templates. Smart And Easy To Use Professional Project Management Membership Site. Helping Project Managers Increase Their Success And Deliverability. 200 Plus Project Management Documents And How To Write Technical Docs. Read more...

184 Project Management Templates Summary

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The Outlook Addin Project Template

When you create an Outlook add-in solution using VSTO, you select the Outlook Add-in Project template in the New Projects dialog box. This project template creates a solution that contains code files, generated code in hidden partial classes, and any necessary references. It also creates a Setup project for your add-in. Let's create a new Outlook add-in project so that you can become familiar with the project template and code files. Figure 10.3. Outlook Add-in project template

Creating VSTO Solutions

When you open Visual Studio 2005 and create a new project, you will find a number of Office-related project templates available. The way in which these projects appear in the New Project dialog box differs depending on the environment settings you selected when you installed Visual Studio. In this book, we assume that you are using the Visual Basic profile. In Chapter 2 you'll learn more about the Visual Studio environment settings and ways you can change them. With a default installation of VSTO, you can create a Word document, a Word template, an Excel workbook, an Excel template, or an Outlook add-in project. You can optionally install the InfoPath toolkit, making the InfoPath template available, as shown in Figure 1.3. To view these project templates, point to New on the File menu and then click Project. You can expand the Visual Basic node to reveal the project template categories. To display the VSTO project templates in the Templates pane of the New Project dialog box, click...

NotInList Adding a Value to a Combo Box at Runtime

On the other hand, there may be situations where it is not feasible or cost-effective to stop data entry and request that the Admin enter a new value. Instead, the combo box is used to increase data entry speed, but only to limit excessive similar entries from being added. For example, job titles are sometimes very common, but other times outrageously unique. Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, and Project Manager are all standard values that are repeatable values, but Senior Herbal Fragrance Arranger may be a less common choice.

Application Level Customizations Using VSTO

Mechanism for loading Outlook add-ins, an add-in project template, a Setup project, and a more stable add-in model. You can create a COM add-in using unmanaged code (Visual Basic 6.0) or managed code (Visual Basic 2005). With Visual Studio, you can create a managed shared add-in using the Shared Add-in project template, but the preferred method for creating Outlook add-ins is to use the VSTO add-in project template. With VSTO 2005 SE, you can create add-ins for several applications in addition to Outlook (see Chapter 14). The remainder of this chapter focuses on Outlook add-ins created with VSTO (not VSTO 2005 SE), but the descriptions of the Outlook object model are applicable to both.

Creating the LNC Control Renaming COM Addin

Starting with a project created from the COM add-in project template, in the SharedCode module, I removed the standard declarations (the only declarations I need are the ones in the AccessDesigner module), and I also removed the standard AddToCommandBar and DeleteFromCommandBar functions. Because I needed to create (and remove) two command bar buttons, intended specifically for the Access Form Design and Report Design toolbars, I placed those procedures in the Access Designer.

Using the COM Addin Template

When you next open VB, you will see a COM Add-In selection as one of the available project template choices, as shown in Figure 13.2. The COM Add-In project template selection in VB 6. The COM Add-In project template selection in VB 6. A new VB project created from the COM Add-in project template.


Next, we took a closer look at the VSTO project system for creating VSTO solutions in Visual Studio. You learned about VSTO's support for document-level and application-level customizations and reviewed the available VSTO project templates. You learned how VSTO integrates with Visual Studio, with the Word or Excel application being hosted inside Visual Studio. Finally, you learned about the add-ins you can create with VSTO 2005 SE.

What Is VBA

VBA is a programming language common to Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Visio, and a whole host of other applications. Although the particular flavor of VBA you use depends on the environment that hosts VBA, the core VBA language is basically identical regardless of the environment that hosts it. In other words, VB, the Microsoft Office suite, and a number of other applications share a common programming language named VBA that is identical across its various hosts.

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