The message box of the Reply item contains the entire message of the original item

Figure7.11 - Values between fields common to both the original and Reply forms are copied to the Reply form.

To ensure that field values are copied between the original form and the Reply form, use the same fields for both forms. For example, for the Vacation Request application, the TotalDays, StartDate, and EndDate fields are used for the Vacation Request form.

In Figure 7-11, the Subject field is not visible. Instead, it is located, a hidden page. The Subject text, however, is copied from the original item to the Reply item and does appear in the Subject box on the Read page of the Reply item.

Vacation Request Reply Forms

In most cases, the custom Reply form is very similar to the original form. Quite often, you can use the original form as a template for the Reply form. For example, the Vacation Approved form is a Reply form based on the Vacation Request form. Only a few modifications have been made:

• The custom Reply actions are removed.

• The form description is changed, as shown in Figure 7-12.

K Approved: Vacation Request: From 2/15/2001 to 2/16/2001 - Vacation Approve.

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