Shared Item Forms

Besides the Customer Contact form, three custom forms provide additional functionality for items in the subfolders of the Companies folder: the Shared Appointment form, the Shared Task form, and the Shared Journal form.

The Shared Appointment and Shared Task forms contain a very small amount of VBScript code. This code allows the user to create a copy of a shared item in his personal Calendar or Tasks folder. You can view the code for the Shared Appointment form's ltem_Write event procedure in the section 'Creating a Personal Copy of Shared Items." The Shared Journal form does not contain any VBScript code. It uses two user-defined fields in the item, Created By and Created On, which define a custom view of the journal entries in the Shared Activities folder. These user-defined fields in the Shared Journal form let you create views that group activities by the name of the user who created the activity and the day on which the activity occurred.

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