Set Field Specific Properties

The Message page of standard Message and Post forms contains three Outlook-supplied fields that provide fundamental functionality on the form. These fields are

® To field Used to address the form.

® Subject field Used to summarize the message. The text in the Subject field appears in the Title bar of the Form window. The value in the Subject field also sets the value of the Conversation field in the item.

® Message field Used to enter text or insert files, items, or objects or insert shortcuts to them.

This section describes how the To, Subject, and Message fields work and then describes strategies for effectively using these fields in a

To Field

With Outlook, you can preaddress forms by setting the initial value of the To field. Preaddressing a form is much like providing a self-addressed envelope. Because the address is already provided on the form, the user just fills in the form and clicks the Send button.

Preaddress a Form to a Distribution List or Person

In some cases, you want to preaddress a Message form to a distribution list or to a user. For example, you want to preaddress a form such as a Weekly Schedule form to a distribution list. In addition, you may want to preaddress a Reply form so that the item created with the form is sent to your Inbox.

To set the initial value of the To field

1. On the Outlook Actions menu, click New Mail Message.

2. On the form, click the To button.

3. Double-click the desired names or distribution list name to select recipients, and then click OK. If the Exchange distribution list you want to specify does not exist, you must ask your Exchange administrator to create it. If you create a Personal Distribution List or use an existing Personal Distribution List, the form will work correctly only on your computer. Also, if you use a Personal Distribution List item in your Contacts folder, the form will work correctly only on your computer.

4. On the Tools menu, select Forms, and then click Design This Form to switch to Design mode.

5. Make additional modifications to your form, and then save and exit.

Preaddress a Form to a Folder

In some cases, you might want to preaddress a form to a folder. For example, the Business Card Request form, as shown in Figure 6-14, can be opened from the Organizational Forms Library. However, the form is preaddressed to the Business Card Request folder, so the user can submit the item automatically by simply clicking the Send button.

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