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Additional Controls

-woI¡able Controls

Controls selected in — the Additional Controls dialog box will be added to your Outlook toolbox,

□ Microsoft Chart Control, version 6.G (OLEDB)

□ Microsoft Communications Control, version K'itj

Microsoft Coolbar Contrai, version Ë.D

Li Microsoft DataCornbo Control, version S.Û (OLhD

□ Microsoft DataGrici Control, Version 6.[I (OLEDB)

□ Microsoft DataList Control, version E.O (OLEDB)

□ Microsott DataRepeaier Control, version £.0

É3 Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control, version E

□ Microsoft DBCombo Control, version 6.0 ' i Mirrnsnft DRl ist Onntrnl. VRrsinn fi il

□ Microsoft DiiectAnimation Control

□ Microsoft DiiectAnimation Path

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