Reminders Collection Events

The Reminders collection object is new to Outlook 2002 and is a child object of the Outlook Application object. The Reminders collection object represents all the Reminder items stored in the hidden Reminders folder of the mailbox of the user who is logged on. Reminder items include appointment reminders, task reminders, and follow-up flags for Mail and Contact items. Several new events for the Reminders collection object give you granular control over Reminder items. Because the Reminders collection object is a child of the Application object, you should instantiate it in the startup procedure for your COM Add-in or VBA code.

The Reminders collection object is the programmatic sibling of the new Reminders dialog box in Outlook 2002. The Reminders dialog box, shown in Figure 9-8, eliminates the clutter caused by individual reminders in previous versions of Outlook and places all pending reminders into a single dialog box.


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