PVBScript in the folder home page changes the view or the current folder when a user clicks on a hotspot on the page

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Type a question fc Type a contact to find t Address outlook: ^.Public Folders\All Public Folders\Micro Fye\01û COM Add-ins Team Pro]f - G

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Randy... Conversation Thread Add-in Mic... VI posted on \\olO\addins

This should be ready to go.

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Randy... Trusted COM Add-ins Jan... Trusted COM Add-ins

The documentation on Trusted COM Add-ins needs to be revised to include Li uit: a Lr uuLeiJ COM AdJ-ii i will i VB5lm|jL bd in id OulIliuK furini

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jJ View Wizard Add-in (3 items, 2 unread) Randy... View Wizard Add-in

Ra... RTM Dates We should be readv to oo on 2/28

Figure 8.27 - A folder home page serves as the default view for the Discussion folder.

Folder home pages can also provide special functionality in a parent folder that contains many subfolders. Figure 8-28 illustrates a folder home page in the Exchange/Outlook Development public folder. This folder is actually a placeholder folder containing many subfolders relating to Microsoft Outlook. The default permission on this folder is none; users are not allowed to post items in this folder.

p Microsoft Site Server lets you create ® searches across Exchange public foick

H Exchange/Outlook Development - Microsoft Outlook

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H Exchange/Outlook Development - Microsoft Outlook

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ublic Folders\All Public Foiders\Exchange%2FOutiook Development

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