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Thu 2/8/2001 9:57 AM

I think we should create kayak construction kits. The kits could provide instructions, and all the materials our customers need to build a sea kayak. We could offer the kits for $50G dollars. That's about $'i,50G less than a normal fiberglass sea kayak

Figure 4.17 - The Product Idea Response button is added to the Product Idea form when a Product Idea item is opened in the folder. To create a new action

1. Click New on the Actions page of the Product Idea Response form.

2. In the Action Name text box, as shown in Figure 4-18, type Product Idea Response.

The Product Idea Response command appears on the Product Idea Response button on the Product Idea form when a posted item is opened. The Product Idea Response command also appears on the Actions menu of the folder when a Product Idea item is selected in the Product Ideas folder.

3. In the Form Name drop-down list box, click Product Idea Response.

4. In the Address Form Like A drop-down list box, click Reply To Folder, and then click OK.

Form Action Properties mi

Action name:

This action creates a form of the following type

W Enabled

Form name: Product Idea Response --

Message class: ["iPM.Post.Product Idea Response

Characteristics of the new form When responding:

Do not include original message

Address form like a: Reply to Folder k Show action or: if Menu and I ooibar Menu only

Subject prefix:

This action will 4 Open the form

Send the form immediately f Prompt the user to open or send

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