Multiple values appear as check the ListBox control.

■This value is checked in the List when the user opens the form tc an item

Figure 6.25 - The values that you want to appear in the list are typed in the Possible Values text box. CommandButton Controls

The CommandButton control, when clicked, triggers the Click event. Thus, you can write VBScript Click event procedures in the Script Editor for each CommandButton control, as shown in Figure 6-26.

Outlook supports only the Click event for most of its intrinsic controls. Some third-party extrinsic ActiveX controls might not support even the Click event, but most extrinsic ActiveX controls do support this event.

Users click the CommandButton control to triggerVBScript procedures.

With the Script Editor you —| can create procedures using VBScript.

Business Card Regnest - Message (Rich Tewt)

Script Editor: business Card Re -uest

^The AutoFiii_C CommandBut! address fields i-ile L:.dit View eisend

Insert Ipols Actions

File Edit View Script


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