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The Create Shared Itei Command bar js visibl when a user navigates Customers folder.

The New Call dialog be a user create a sharet entry in a pubHo folder phone call.

Figure 2.11 - Command bars are an essential element of custom application design. Add-lns and Other Design Tools

We've just covered some of the basic design tools in Outlook Visual Basic for Applications. Since Visual Basic for Applications supports an add-in extensibility model, add-ins are available for the VBA environment that provide you with additional tools to complete your application design quickly and effectively. VBA add-in design tools are available from Microsoft or from third-party vendors.

Microsoft Office XP Developer

Microsoft offers its add-in design tools in a special version of Microsoft Office XP known as Microsoft Office XP Developer. Figure 2-12 shows the Code Librarian window and a procedure named LinkExchangeFolder that creates an Access table linked to the Outlook Contacts folder.

The following add-ins are available when you install Office XP Developer:

• Code Commentor and Error Handler

Multi-code Import/Export Packaging Wizard

• VBA Source Code Control

• VBA String Editor j Microsoft Development Environment - l.inkExchangeFolder

File Edit View Code Librarian Tools Window Help


Code Librarian

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