Items are grouped by type oi ad, and then by category.

■items within each group can be sorted from least expensive to most expensive.

The column heading deteirriines the values that appear in the column below

Figure 8.5 - The view chosen by the user determines how items are organized in the folder.

Create a New View

Each view you create is given a name that appears in the CurrentView drop-down list box on the Advanced toolbar, as shown earlier in Figure 8-5. When the view name is clicked in the CurrentView drop-down list box, the view is applied to the folder and the items in the folder are arranged according to the criteria specified in the view.

To create a new view

1. On the View menu, select Current View, and then click Define Views.

3. In the Name Of New View text box, type a name.

4. In the Type Of View text box, click the type of view you want.

5. Under Can Be Used On, verify that This Folder, Visible To Everyone is selected.

6. Click OK twice.

7. Click Apply View.

Show Only the Views Created for the Folder

For each folder you create, Outlook provides several standard views in the Current View drop-down list box. In many cases, these views are not relevant to your folder, so you can remove them from the CurrentView drop-down list box. If you want to remove the standard views from the CurrentView drop-down list box and show only the custom views you create, you can select the Only Show Views Created For This Folder check box, as shown in Figure 8-6.

Define Views fur "Classified Ads"

Views for folder "Classified Ads"


\ View Name

I Can Be Used On

|_View Type

!-^Current view settings^-

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