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Figure 6.15 - Shows how the Subject field functions in the New Product Idea form.

Message Field

With the Message field shown in Figure 6-16, you can insert the following types of items. Each of these scenarios is covered in more detail in later sections.

® File attachments and shortcuts For example, for a Copier Request form, the user can insert attached files into the Message field. If the files are too large to send through the Exchange Server system, the user can insert shortcuts to the attached files instead. In addition, you—the designer—can insert files, file shortcuts, and hyperlinks. For example, you may want to insert attachments for ReadMe files that explain how to use the form or application. Or you may want to insert a hyperlink to a file or folder address.

® Item attachments and shortcuts This allows users to insert messages from other users into the Message field.

® Shortcut to a World Wide Web page Recipients must have a Web browser installed on their computer to use the shortcut.

® Linked or embedded objects These objects can be Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, or any other valid ActiveX object supporting object linking and embedding.

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