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D 0 Subject

:"rom Received

¡^J Product Category : Boating (3 items)

,:~J Conversation : Kayak Construction Kits (3 items)

"¿¿J Kayak Construction Kits Peter K.

What kind of materials are you sugge.,, Suian ,.

Product Category : Camping (2 items. 1 unreed)

zi Conversation : We should provide better pumps on our water filters. („.

^J We should provide better pumps on o... Peter .., Sun 10/...

"^J I'm almost done with the specs. I'll se... Peter K... SunlO/l...

Jj Product Category : Cycling (3 items) jz] Product Category : Hikjng (l item)

A Conversation : Plastic Odometer (1 item)

9 Items, I Unread jJ

Figure 1.3 - The Product Ideas folder with the Product Idea Response form in the background.

For more information, see Chapter 4.

Job Posting

You can also create a Job Posting form that structures information and makes it possible for Human Resources to post a job opening in the Job Postings folder. Job Candidate

You can also create a Job Candidates application, which consists of a Job Candidate form and a Response form. A manager or human resources administrator can submit a Job Candidate item to the Job Candidates public folder.

Each user, after interviewing the candidate, uses the Response form to submit hiring recommendations to the Job Candidates folder, where the manager can review the summary of opinions.

Built-in Module Forms

You can customize forms based on the forms in the built-in modules—Appointment, Task, Contacts, and Journal—to take advantage of the specific functionality of the module. The following sections offer a few ideas for the types of forms you can create based on the forms in the Outlook built-in modules

Company Form

You can create forms such as the Company form, as shown in Figure 1-4, to make it possible to track shared activities, such as a sales call, in relation to a customer or vendor. As demonstrated here, the standard Contact General page has been modified to show related Company Contacts in an Outlook View Control. New pages named Notes and Shared Activities have been added to the form. Other pages on the standard form have been hidden. A custom toolbar lets the user create items in subfolders for shared mail, tasks, appointments, journal items, and documents.

For more information on the Company form, see Chapter 12, "The Northwind Contact Management Application."

! Alfreds Futterkiste - Company

File Edit View Insert Format 0 Save and Close ¿g T jj!) Shared Mail ^J Shared Appointment General Notes Shared Activities Company Alfreds Futterkiste

Department Address,,,


Tools Actions Form Layout Help Type a question For help

<& ^ & - + " * ' , 7] Shared Task Shared Contact ^jjf Shared Journal Q Shared Document T

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