Figure 8.16 - Items in each group are sorted alphabetically by Subject in the Item Of Interest column. To sort items

1. On the View menu, click Current View, and then click Customize Current View.

2. Click Sort.

3. In the Select Available Fields From drop-down list box, click the category of fields containing the field you want to use for sorting.

4. Under Sort Items By, click the field you want to use to sort items by.

5. Click either Ascending or Descending to choose the sort order.

6. To sort items into further subsets, click a field in the next available Then By drop-down list box, as shown in Figure 8-17.

7. Click OK twice.

Figure8.17 - Items are sorted alphabetically by the value in the Subject field. Group by Conversation, Sort by Conversation Index

Conversation and Conversation Index are unique properties that you can use to create views for discussion folders so that people can view the history of responses to an item, also known as a conversation thread. For this section, the Product Ideas folder covered in Chapter 4, "Design a Custom Application," is used to provide an example of grouping by Conversation and sorting by Conversation Index.

Grouping by Conversation Conversation is a unique property that is inherited from the Subject field. For example, if you submit a standard Post item to a folder, the Conversation field of the item is set to the value of the Subject field. Thereafter, any responses made to the item automatically inherit the value of the Conversation field. As shown in Figure 8-18, the items in the Product Ideas folder are grouped by Product Category, and then by Conversation.

— Items are grouped by Product Category, and then by Conversation.

p items within each group are sorted by Conversation Index

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