For more information about how to set form properties, see Chapter 5, "Forms."

Test the Form at Design Time

Before you save a form or publish it to a folder, it's a good idea to run the form to see how the form layout appears at run time. It's also a good idea to test both the Read page and the Compose page of the form.

To switch between Design mode and Run mode when testing

1. With the Compose page in Design mode, click Run This Form on the Form menu.

2. To test the Read page, send the form to yourself and view the received item in your Inbox.

3. To return to Design mode, close the Run mode window of the Compose page.

Make a Backup Copy of the Product Idea Form

Although it's not absolutely necessary, it is a good idea to make a backup copy of the form before you publish it to a form library. To save the Product Idea form

1. With the form open, click Save As on the File menu.

2. In the Save In drop-down list box, select the default Outlook template folder. The location of the default Outlook template folder depends upon your operating system. You can also use the My Documents folder if that is more convenient.

3. In the File Name text box, type Product Idea as the name for the form.

4. In the Save As Type drop-down list box, select Outlook Template.

5. Click Save.

To open your backup copy of a form

1. Select New on the File menu, and then click Choose Form.

2. Click User Templates In File System in the Look In drop-down list box, click the form you'd like to open, and then click Open.

3. In the Select Folder window, choose the appropriate folder and click OK. The following table lists the location of the default Outlook template folder.

Operating System

Default Outlook Template Folder

Windows 98 or Windows Me dnVe:\Wndows\Application Data\ Microsoft\Templates

Wndows NT 4

dnVe:\Wnnt\Profiles\<i;sep-\Application Data\ MicrosoftYTemplates

Wndows 2000

dnVe:\Documents and Settings\<usep-\ Application DataWlicrosoftYTemplates

Publish the Product Idea Form

When you publish the Product Idea form to the Product Ideas folder, you register the form definition in the folder. As a result, a menu command appears on the Actions menu of Outlook when the user opens the Product Ideas folder. This is the menu command that enables users to open the Product Idea form and create a new Product Idea item.

To publish the form to the Product Ideas folder

1. Choose Forms on the Tools menu, and then click Publish Form As.

2. In the Form Name text box and the Display Name text box, type Product Idea.

3. If the text in the Look In drop-down list box is not Product Ideas, click the drop-down list box, select the Product Ideas folder, and then click OK.

4. Click Publish.

5. In the Send Form Definition Wth Item message box, choose Yes if this form will be sent to someone without access to your forms library system. That way, recipients will have a self-contained form that can be viewed independently. Select No if the recipient has the form published in Personal Forms Library or Organizational Forms Library, or has access to the forms library of the folder. This keeps form size down and speeds form opening. For more information, see Chapter 13, "Distributing and Securing Applications."

Click the Outlook Actions menu. You'll notice that the New Product Ideacommand is added to the menu. Outlook automatically constructs the menu command by combining the word New with the Display Name property Product Idea.

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