Volunteer Registration

,-cott Cooper

The Name control on the Compose page

Subject; Volunteer Registration Name;

I Scott Cooper r

The Name control on the Read page

Figure 5.14 - When the item is created and sent, the information is saved from the control to the field. When the item is opened, the information is loaded from the field into the control.

If you have not yet created a personal folder (.pst) file, see "Create New Folders" in Chapter 3, "Customize Built-in Modules."

To create a personal folder

1. In the Folder List, right-click a personal folder under which you want to create a folder, and then click New Folder.

2. In the Name text box, enter a name for the folder.

3. In the Item Type list box, do one of the following:

• Click Mail And Post Items to create a folder that will contain items created with Message, Post, or Office Document forms.

• Click Calendar, Contact, Journal, Note, or Task to create a folder for items of that type. Then click OK.

For more information about creating folders, see Chapter 8, "Folders."

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