Figure 7.4 - Voting button options for the Art Approval form. Publish the Form to the Personal Forms Library

After the form is created and modified, you publish the form to your Personal Forms Library so that you can open and test the form. To publish the form

1. Select Forms on the Tools menu, and then click Publish Form As.

2. If Personal Forms Library does not appear in the Look In drop-down list box, click the drop-down list box and select Personal Forms Library from the box.

3. In the Display Name text box and the Form Name text box, type Art Approval or whatever you want to name the form, and then click Publish.

4. If the Save Form Definition With Item message box appears, choose No for the Do You Want This Checkbox Selected prompt.

5. Close the form. At the Do You Want To Save Changes prompt, choose No for most cases, or choose Yes if you want a backup copy saved in the Drafts folder.

The form is saved in its final form by publishing it. The Save prompt, on the other hand, creates a copy in the Drafts folder.

For more information about where to publish forms, see Chapter 13, "Distributing and Securing Applications."

How Actions Are Automatically Set for Voting Buttons

When you specify voting buttons and publish a form, Outlook automatically adds custom actions to the Actions page. There are two important points to remember about these actions. First, when you specify voting buttons, the Creates Form Of Type property is set to the standard Message form (IPM.Note). Second, the Address Form Like property is set to Response, as shown in Figure 7-5.

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