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Figure 1.7- The Training Management folder. Tracking Folders

Tracking folders allow users to record and review Information that Is constantly updated. Companies Folder and Related Activities Subfolders

The Companies folder contains Company Items that allow the sales force to keep track of activity Involving key company contacts. A Company Item can be assigned a company type, such as vendor or customer. Separate subfolders record customer-related activities and use Outlook links to tie public folder Appointment, Task, Contact, E-Mail, Document, and Journal Items to Company Items. See Figure 1-8.

Reference Applications

You can store just about any kind of Information In a folder, Including product specifications, feature proposals, sales reports, software prototypes, employee status reports, Web site addresses, and training materials. With the addition of folder home pages Introduced In Outlook 2000, a folder gains a Web Interface, as shown In Figure 1-9. Web views of a folder can be customized with Microsoft Visual InterDev 6 or any other Web development tool.

Specification Library

As development team members work on a project, Individuals can store product specifications In a public folder so other members of the team, as well as sales and marketing personnel, can have access to the documents.

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