Figure 7.5- The Actions page of the Art Approval form. Approve and Reject actions are automatically added when you specify the voting buttons on the Options Test the Art Approval Form

Now you open the Art Approval form and then send an Art Approval Item to your Inbox. Send an Art Approval Item

Open the Art Approval form from your Personal Forms Library. When you open the form, you will see the Compose page of the form. Using the Compose page, you send an Art Approval Item to your Inbox.

To send the Art Approval form

1. On the Outlook File menu, select New and then click Choose Form.

2. In the Look In drop-down list box, click Personal Forms Library and then double-click Art Approval.

3. On the Insert menu, click File and then double-click a file to Insert In the message box on the Art Approval form.

4. Click the Send button.

Use the Voting Buttons To Respond

Now you open the Art Approval Item In your Inbox. Then you click one of the voting buttons. To vote on the item

1. Double-click the Art Approval Item In the Inbox to which the form was addressed In the To box.

2. Click Approve.

3. Click Send The Response Now, and then click OK.

4. Close the Art Approval form. Review Replies

Open the Art Approval Reply In your Inbox. Then you open the Tracking Item In the Art Approval folder.

The voting button responses are tallied In the Tracking Item only after the response Items are opened In your Inbox. If the Items are not opened, the results are not tallied In the Tracking Item. If no response Items are opened, the Tracking page Is not available on the Tracking form.

To open the response item in your Inbox

• In your Inbox, double-click the Art Approval Item. To open the Tracking item

1. In the Folder List, open the Art Approval folder.

2. Double-click the Tracking Item, as shown In Figure 7-2 earlier In this chapter.

3. The Tracking Item Is Identified by an Information Icon, as shown In Figure 7-6.

4. Click the Tracking tab.

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tallied in the Tracking item.

■ Click the Tracking page to view a tally of the responses.

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